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Neil PowrieOn behalf of the Association of Visiting Committees, it gives me much pleasure to welcome you to our website which I hope you will find interesting and informative and which will enable you to have a much greater understanding of the role of Prison Visiting Committees.

As Visiting Committees, we deal with offenders during their period of incarceration but will wholeheartedly support the drive to reduce re-offending and the use of other diversions to imprisonment.

Monitoring the care of those persons held in detention within our prisons and the conditions in which they are held is one of the hallmarks of a humane and just society.† Our long tradition of service, unbroken since 1877, serves as a reminder that the humane and decent treatment of prisoners can never be assumed or taken for granted.

Our dedicated members continue that tradition against a background of change.† Significant in this is the Justice Ministerís Review of Visiting Committees, a report prepared and recommendations made on how best to improve delivery of our independent role and function.† This should take Visiting Committees forward to meet the challenges of the national strategy.

The work we do on an entirely voluntary basis may be challenging at times but is also exceedingly rewarding providing for society a valuable public service.

I commend our website to you which will do much to widen the knowledge and understanding of our role.

Neil Powrie, AVC Convener

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